Company Profile

Ramtons was conceptualized by Hypermart LTD over two decades ago and is today- a leader in home and kitchen appliances in Kenya, Ramtons is available throughout the entire region. In addition, Hypermart services an array of international brands including Pure-it (by Hindustan Unilever), ELBA cookers (from Italy), MEGA flasks (form the U.S.A), Candy washing machines (Italian)– and many more.

Our Vision

Making lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support.

Our Mission

Ramtons strives to present its' customers with both innovative and porcket friendly appliances. In addition to sales, Ramtons invests a lot of time and capital in after sales to best keep customers happy long after they've made a purchase.

Our Brand

The very ethos of the brand Ramtons is presented in the tagline; “ideas for easy living”. The company believes in making the journey easy from the point of purchase to the point of use where products are carefully selected and designed whilst taking current demographics and psychographics Ramtons has long positioned itself as a brand which you and your entire family can trust. Our appliances are carefully selected and designed to make your lives at home easier, so you can spend more time with the people your love. We offer a broad range of appliances for your home and kitchen to suit your needs, and in an affordable way.

Go ahead- bring home Ramtons, bring home trust.

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