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An appliance that completes a home is a washing machine. Ramtons range of twin and single tub washing machines come equipped with innovative functionality to make life easier. Packed with ingenious features, these washing machines gently cleanse the stubborn of stains from clothes, without damaging them. These automatic washing machines will last for years and meet all of your growing family's needs. The large drum size means you can fit big piles of laundry spending less time in loading and unloading your washing machine. Its innovative mechanism ensures that the detergent seeps into your clothes as deep as possible, keeping your clothes as fresh as they can get. Ramtons delivers the best of the automatic washing machine in Kenya!


1. Can A Twin Tub Washing Machine Wash And Spin At The Same Time?

In this washer, you may wash and spin your clothing at the same time. While doing so, make sure that each section of the washer, such as the washing tub and the spinner is fully loaded, as uneven loading might cause the machine to rock side to side.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Single Tub And Twin Tub Washing Machine?

A Single Tub Washing Machine does all of the washing and spin-drying in one tub. A Twin Tub Washing Machine, on the other hand, has two separate tubs adjacent to one another, one for washing and the other for spin-drying.

3. How Does A Single Tub Washer Work?

The Single Tub is designed to accommodate all of your laundry and spin-drying needs. These have an outer layer and an interior layer with holes for water to drain through. These mechanisms are simpler than Twin Tub mechanisms, and they take up less area in general.

4. How Energy Efficient Are Twin Tub Washing Machines?

Twin Tub Washing Machines are very energy efficient as compared to other washing machines.

5. Which Twin Tub Washing Machine Is Best?

Ramtons range of Twin Tub Washing Machines is packed with ingenious features and is easy on your fabrics. These Twin Tub Washers separate wash from spin and retain water, allowing it to be reused in another wash. Its revolutionary mechanism ensures that the detergent seeps into your clothes as deep as possible, resulting in clothes as fresh as they can get. The semi-automatic range of Twin Tub Washers and Air Driers will ensure that you spend less time doing laundry and more on the things you love! Ramtons delivers the best Twin Tub Washing Machine in Kenya! Shop Now.

6. What Does A Twin Tub Washing Machine Do?

A Twin Tub Washing Machine has two tubs for washing your clothes. One is where you can wash, rinse, or soak your garments. The second is used to remove moisture from your garments so that they can dry faster on the line.

7. How Much Does Washing Machine Cost In Kenya?

When it comes to price, there are budget/low-cost models and high-end variants costing lakhs and it all depends on the Type like Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic, Variant, Smart Features, Capacity, etc.

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