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We couldn’t agree more that the existence of an Air Conditioner is nothing more than a lifesaver. With Ramtons Air Conditioner, we believe that soaking up your home comfort should not be limited to one day per year—it should last all year long. Designed to cool faster, farther, and wider, this range of Ramtons Air Conditioners will keep your home comfortable all year round, with refreshing cooling in the summer and cosy heat in the winter. With a design so aesthetic and the best of features like Auto Restart, Wifi Control, Remote Control, Louver Angle Memory, Turbo Self Clean Technology, you surely don’t want to miss this


1. Which Air Conditioner Is The Best And Cheap?

Ramtons range of Air Conditioners are one of the best as they have excellent features, are energy-efficient, durable, etc. 

2. Is Portable A/Cs Energy-Efficient?

Portable air conditioners are generally less energy efficient. The reason is they take more time to condition a room than any other type of AC of the same capacity.

3. How To Install A Portable Ac?

Following is the way:

a)    Choose a location near a window and outlet

b)    See if the portable air conditioner's adapter kit creates a good seal in the window you've chosen

c)    Install the adapter kit

d)    Connect the ventilation hose

e)    Attach the drainage hose

f)     Plug your portable air conditioner into the outlet

4. What Is A Split Air Conditioner?

Split type air conditioners is a cooling appliance that is named as such because they split the components of a traditional air conditioning system into two individual units – one indoor and the other one outdoors.

5. How Much Does A Split Air Conditioner Cost?

When it comes to the price of a Split Air Conditioner in Kenya, it all depends on the Features, Quality, Brand, Type, etc. You can check the price of the Ramtons Split Air Conditioner.

6. How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Single-hose portable air conditioners remove stale air from the room.

The air is then cooled by the unit's engine and circulated throughout the area.

Excess warm air and moisture are also funnelled via the hose and out the window by the unit.

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