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Fans are must-haves for relief from sweltering summers! As there are a rise and drop in the global climate, our cooling and heating need also change. An effective and green alternative to air conditioning, install Ramtons cooling fans within your premises. They are not only a cost-effective choice but also been proven to be the most trusted cooling solution for people all over the world. With powerful blades, high-velocity motor, multiple speed settings and push-button controls, this fan offer both flexibility and ease of use, ensuring you are always at the perfect temperature! Ramtons offer a wide range of ceiling fans, desk, wall and remote fans and stand fan in Kenya for you to choose from. These fans for sale will also add a sense of style to your rooms and offices with their innovative and trendy designs.


1. How To Choose The Right Ceiling Fan?

Spending a few minutes selecting a ceiling fan is sensible because it will be with you for over 15 years. It's not just about appearance!

When choosing a ceiling fan, keep the following considerations in mind:

a)    Minimum Fan Size

b)    Star Rating

c)    Aesthetics

2. How Can You Save More Energy Using A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling Fans save electricity for one simple reason: they are energy efficient. Ceiling Fans provide a wind chill effect by circulating air, making the air feel cooler to the skin than it is. This implies that thermostats can be adjusted to a higher temperature and the air in the room will still feel cool.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Pedestal/Stand Fan?

One of the most appealing features of a Pedestal Fan is how light and portable it is, making them ideal for usage in various rooms of your home or even outside.

4. What Is The Price Of Wall-Mounted Fans In Kenya?

The price of Wall-mounted Fans in Kenya depends on the model and the additional features you opt for. You can check and compare the price of the Ramtons Wall-mounted Fans here and choose the best for you. Happy shopping!

5. What Should Be Kept In Mind While Buying A Pedestal Fan?

Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a pedestal fan: Air Delivery, Speed, Durability, Size, Noise Factor, Convenience, and Affordability.

6. How Are Wall Mounted Fans More Efficient?

Many Wall Mount Fans offer an automatic oscillation feature or a pivoting head that can be positioned to focus airflow where you need it most. Wall Fans push air through the space which makes them great for moving cool air throughout an area. They’re cheaper to run and save more energy.

7. How Effective Are Ceiling Fans In Making A Room Feel Cooler?

Although a Ceiling Fan does not lower the room's temperature, it can certainly make it feel cooler. The primary mechanism of Ceiling Fans is the wind chill effect that provides relief through evaporative cooling. By spreading air, Ceiling Fans can also serve to make a space appear cooler.

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