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Be it keeping track of your fitness and health goals or sorting your everyday food prepping, the Ramtons range of digital weighing scales, bathroom scales and kitchen scales lets you view the statistics/weigh ingredients clearly. Keep accurate tabs on your weight with the Ramtons bathroom weighing scales that show important stats like gender, age, height, body fat and body fat during the measurement process. When it comes to baking and cooking, a few milligrams makes a huge difference. A good set of Ramtons kitchen weighing scales is a must-have amongst your kitchen accessories. The large digital display of these electronic weighing scales allows for clear and easy reading every time. Ramtons has some of the best digital weighing scale appliances online and small home appliances too.


1. Which Is The Best Bathroom Weighing Scales?

Ramtons offers one of the best Bathroom Weighing Scales. These Weighing Scales are equipped with features like Lcd Display, Foot Tap Activation, Auto Shut Off Function, Accurate To 150kg (330lbs), Tampered Glass Platform For Safety, etc.

2. Which Type Of Weighing Scales Are Most Accurate?

The most accurate type of weighing scale is believed to be digital.

3. Which Weighing Scale Is Best For Kitchen?

For the kitchen, try out the Ramtons RM/299 Silver Kitchen Scale + Bowl, 5kg

Red Kitchen Scale. Equipped with some extraordinary features, they make accurate and consistent measurements and help with calorie counting while encouraging you to eat healthily.

4. Is Digital Weighing Scale Better?

Yes. The Digital Scale is a reliable and convenient device and displays accurate readings or measurements.

5. How Much Does A Bathroom Weighing Machine Cost?

When it comes to the price of a Bathroom Weighing Machine, it all depends on the Features, Quality, Brand, Type, etc. 

6. How Much Does A Good Kitchen Scale Cost In Kenya?

When it comes to the price of a Kitchen Scale in Kenya, it all depends on the Features, Quality, Brand, Type, etc. You can check the price of the Ramtons Kitchen Scale by visiting us.

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