5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Kitchen Appliances
Submitted by Ramtons

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Kitchen Appliances

Whether you are purchasing new kitchen appliances as part of a remodel or renovation, or you need to replace a faulty appliance that has outlived its usefulness, the process can feel overwhelming. A new kitchen is going to be a huge but important investment for any home. Appearance and functionality-wise, it will always add value to your home. But never forget the finer details.

Appliances are what truly complete a kitchen. It is often the most obvious things that we forget when designing a kitchen. It would be best if you put in a lot of thought before purchasing them. Here are five mistakes to avoid while shopping for kitchen appliances

  • Not considering the space: Measuring the width, height and depth is obviously important, but you need to look at your entire cooking space and consider all aspects of the appliance placement and use. Before making a purchase, look closely at your cooking space and measure carefully to consider where doors and drawers will open and whether they can accommodate the machine. Another rookie mistake in kitchen design does not include enough counter space to work with.
  • Not considering energy efficiency: Many people buy kitchen appliances that are not Energy Star rated that do not meet the guidelines for reduced power consumption. Energy-efficient appliances can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%.
  • Not checking the warranty: You will most likely use your kitchen appliances every day. Due to this normal wear and excessive use, your home’s appliances will become damaged over time. Kitchen appliances are investments, so it is imperative to research and compare models to get the best value for your money. Kitchen appliances are used for a long period and are prone to normal wear and tear. Warranty agreements for your appliance will help recover costs for routine repairs and maintenance. Regular inspections may significantly increase the life of your appliances. Ramtons kitchen and home appliances all come with a one-year warranty.
  • Not knowing the hookups of your home too well: Be it a water line or energy socket, you need to know every nook and corner of your kitchen before buying an appliance. Before making a purchase, look closely at your kitchen and gauge carefully what type of hookups are available for power and water.
  • Paying too much: Price will be one of your most significant factors when choosing your new appliance. DO NOT spend money on unnecessary or impractical items that will wear easily and need to be replaced. Many consumers overpay for their appliances because they do not do enough research before shopping. Prior to going to the store or online marketplace, research the manufacturer’s suggested price and the sales and discounts available

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