8 Ideal Ways To Use A Microwave

Since its introduction to the general market in the 1970s, the microwave oven has revolutionized the way most people cook food.

A microwave oven is a multi-purpose kitchen equipment that may be used for a variety of tasks. Microwave ovens are useful for reheating and cooking meals, roasting, baking, etc.

This gadget warms the food item by sending radiation through it, rather than cooking with the heat on a burner. What's the result? Cooking times are shorter. In only a few minutes, you can have a complete meal on the table.

How Does A Microwave Oven Work?

As the name says, microwaves are used to heat food in the microwave oven. Microwaves are a combination of radio waves and infrared radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. These microwaves aid in the appropriate heating of meals at a precise temperature. These waves have a unique property which then changes to atomic motion i.e. heat.

Uses Of A Microwave

       1.  Reheating The Food

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By far the most common application of a microwave oven is to reheat food. When it comes to reheating, a microwave oven is extremely efficient, keeps key nutrients intact, and does not make the food soggy.

        2.  Roasting

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Roasting food is a fundamental and traditional method of cooking different cuisines. Microwave ovens are used to speedily roast garlic, make garlic bread, popcorn, etc. Comparatively, roasting in a microwave is quicker.

         3.  Cooking

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While most people think of their cooktops and stoves for cooking, microwave ovens can cook a variety of dishes. Microwave ovens with many functions can be used for grilling, boiling, steaming food, etc. All of this can be done with a microwave oven's adaptability which eliminates the need for a separate kitchen device.

          4.  Blanching

Blanching fruits and vegetables in the microwave is preferable to traditional blanching since it takes much less time and preserves the nutritious value of the food. The quality of a frozen meal blanched in a microwave oven will be superior to food blanched in the traditional approach.

            5.  Baking

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Microwave ovens are also used to bake cakes and bread. It is a simple and quick way to make a variety of delectable cakes. The cakes when made in a microwave are soft and delicious to eat. In comparison to the traditional way of baking with preheating and heating, baking in a microwave oven can be done within minutes.

            6.  Boiling And Steaming

One of the most important methods for cooking any dish is to boil it. A microwave boils things uniformly within minutes and allows you to set the boiling period. One can also steam the veggies and keep the nutrients intact in the food.

              7.  De-frosting

Microwave ovens are used to swiftly defrost frozen vegetables or meat without the need for significant washing, draining, or water waste. It is particularly effective since it preserves the food's original shape and nutrients.

            8.  Retain Nutrients

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Nutrients play a critical role in the preparation of food. The microwave oven aids in the preservation of vitamins and minerals in food for excellent health and cooks the food using oscillating electromagnetic energy.

10 Important Tips For Cooking in a Microwave

While there is a lot to enjoy about a gadget that can reheat your food or warm things up without you having to keep an eye on it, there are some concerns to be aware of.

So, here are some recommendations and tips to keep in mind when cooking in the microwave:

  • Arrange the food so that they are cooked evenly. For instance, arrange foods of the same size and shape, like potatoes, in a circle or square with space between them and no item in the center. This will evenly cook all the potatoes present inside the container.
  • Cover the dishes as it eliminates splattering while also cutting down on cooking time.
  • To evenly distribute the heat, frequently stir, turn, and rotate the food or food items.
  • Cut the food into small pieces, if possible as they cook more quickly than the large ones.
  • Before cooking make sure you use a fork to pierce foods that have skin (like potatoes, hot dogs, and sausages). This allows the steam to escape which could otherwise lead to sudden popping and splattering.
  • When thawing food, make sure to select the defrost power option. This will guarantee that the food defrosts gradually and evenly. Turning and rotating the food as it defrosts is also beneficial.
  • Don’t use traditional metal cookware in your microwave because it can’t pass through metal and plastic as well. Instead, use microwave-safe containers.
  • Avoid using too much water to clean the inside of a microwave. Instead, damp tissue and a light sprinkling of mild soap could suffice.
  • Avoid heating in square or rectangular containers as the corners tend to receive more energy and cook your food unevenly.
  • Last but not least, make sure you follow the manufacturer's operating rules and safety recommendations before using the product.

With these tips now you're ready to use your microwave like a pro; however, safety should always come first. Microwaves heat things quite quickly, so check ahead of time if you're not sure what's safe to microwave.

Let’s Explore the Ramtons Range Of Microwaves

         1. Built-in

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Built-in microwaves are simply designed to be installed in modern kitchen cabinets, rather than placed on the countertop or another surface to give your kitchen a custom look.

           2. Convection

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Traditional microwave technology is combined with an extra heating element and fan in convection microwaves, allowing you to swiftly bake, roast, crisp, and reheat food.

                3. With Grill

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A microwave with a grill is essentially the same as a regular microwave oven, but with one key distinction and that is a grill. When compared to a regular microwave oven, a microwave grill leverages this feature to prepare food uniquely and can finely prepare dishes, giving them a better texture and taste.

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               4. Normal

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A normal microwave oven or microwave are electric ovens that heat and cook food.

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