6 Mind-Blowing Ways To Deodorize Your Fridge, Keeping It Smell Fresh

Have you ever opened your refrigerator and found a stench odor that was unexpectedly very strong? Well, all of us might have experienced it at some point or the other as it can linger around for days and sometimes weeks.

However, getting rid of that revolting odor isn't always as simple as tossing out the spoiled cheese or wiping the food spillage from the shelves. Even after removing all of the food, the stink can persist. It's time to get the cleaning materials out and give your refrigerator the thorough cleaning it deserves.

But before diving right into the life hacks to deodorize your fridge, let’s understand the importance of deep cleaning your fridge/refrigerator.

Why Is Deep Cleaning Important For Your Fridge And Your Health?

Keeping your environment clean and sanitized is the first and most important step towards living a healthy life. Eating clean and keeping a healthy diet is the key to being in a good shape. And for that one of the most essential appliances to be kept clean to maintain all of these good practices is your refrigerator.

We regularly use the refrigerator to keep the fruits and vegetables, cooked food, and various sauces fresh, hence, it should be deep cleaned every 2 months. Not only is it necessary to keep your food fresher, but it is also necessary to avoid foodborne infections like food poisoning.

We have a habit of stockpiling groceries rather than finishing the ones we currently have. This causes the decomposition of the old vegetables and fruits or spilled curry and sauce, allowing bacteria to reproduce. As the fridge is the backbone of the whole kitchen and the kitchen is the backbone of your home, maintaining it is very important.

Tips To Keep It Cleaner And Healthier:

1. Check the expiry dates and discard them

2. Avoid overcrowding

3. Deal with spills promptly

4. Watch the temperature and humidity controls

5. Don’t forget to take care of the freezer


6 Hacks That You Can Try To Deodorize Your Refrigerator

Allowing foul scents to taint your food and the inside of your refrigerator is not a good idea. Here are 6 methods for eliminating odors and maintaining a clean refrigerator:

1. Baking Soda

It is one of the most effective deodorizers because it neutralizes malodorous food molecules. Baking soda in the fridge can minimize or even eliminate mild to moderate malingering odors like old milk or cheese and combat overpowering odors like rotting fish.

Hack- Put in an open container with baking soda and let it absorb the odors for a minimum of 24 hours and there you’ll have a stink-free refrigerator.

2. Vanquish Smells With Vinegar

Acetic Acid & White Vinegar | Ramtons

Picture Credits- Daily Express

With its acetic acid, white vinegar can eliminate microorganisms and neutralize foul odor lingering in your refrigerator.

Hack- Place a glass filled halfway near the source of the smell. Within a few hours, the initial pungent scent of the vinegar itself will dissipate, leaving you with an odor-free refrigerator. Make sure you replace the vinegar every few days.

3. Lemon In Your Fridge

When life gives you a lemon, use it to clean your refrigerator! Lemons contain citrus acid which is an excellent source to freshen up the interiors of your refrigerator.

Hack- i) Soak some balls of cotton in the lemon juice and use it to wipe the insides of your refrigerator. The lemon juice helps to create a pleasant and refreshing aroma.

ii) Place a couple of lemon slices on a plate and leave them to sit inside your fridge. This will help to soak up the unpleasant fragrance and leave your refrigerator smelling good.

4. Abolish Odors With Oatmeal

Oatmeal is good for absorbing oils, but can also be used to remove foul odors.

Hack- Place an open container or an aluminum bowl of dry oats in your fridge. This will neutralize the odors.

5. Coffee Can Solve A Latte Of Problems

While coffee grinds will not extinguish odors entirely, they will surely minimize fridge funk while giving a moderate coffee fragrance.

Hack- i) Leave a bowl full of coffee overnight inside your fridge. This will absorb all sorts of odors, leaving a tinge of coffee aroma.

ii) Place some coffee beans and distribute them well over the baking sheet and leave it overnight. This helps to absorb unpleasant odors.


6. Activated Charcoal

Picture Credits- Healthline

The pure carbon component used in fish tanks to purify water can catch, store and neutralize the stinky molecules.

Hack- i) Add one cup of activated charcoal to a bowl and place it in that area of the fridge where it stinks. Substitute the charcoal monthly.

ii) Place the charcoal in a bowl and minimize the fridge temperature. For best results, keep the fridge door closed for three days.


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